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    Searching for Virginia contractors? Leonard Lucas Contracting is a Christian based family business located in southern Virginia.

  • Contractor Consulting
    We offer contractor consulting services for those wanting to do their own home repairs, remodeling or other jobs you may need professional advice on.

  • Remodeling Services
    We offer home and commercial remodeling services of all types.

  • Virginia Deck Contractor
    We are a custom deck contractor serving Virginia and surrounding areas.

  • Landscape Work
    If you need landscape work, hire a professional Virginia Landscaper.

  • Building Docks
    Building docks is one of the jobs you can have done by Leonard Lucas Contracting.

  • Flooring Installer
    Its always a good idea to hire a professional flooring installer if you are unsure about doing the work yourself.

  • Painting Contractor
    Leonard Lucas is a professional painting contractor offering both commercial and house painting services..

  • Room Addition Contractor
    We are a room addition contractor for both residential and commercial jobs.

  • Siding Installation
    Siding installation is one of the specialties that Leonard Lucas Contracting gets a lot of calls for.

  • Roof Installers
    Professional roof installers should guarantee their work and give you a problem free roofing job.

  • About Us
    Learn more about Leonard Lucas Contracting and family.

  • Contact Us
    Call or email Leonard Lucas Contracting for free estimates or questions.

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