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Cabin, Picnic Shelter, Boat Dock

If you find yourself needing more space you may need a room addition contractor. It seems that a family is always growing. The kids begin to want their own rooms, the elderly parent has moved in, Dad wants a workshop or Mom needs a sewing room. These are all simple tasks for the right contractor.

Maybe you would like to enlarge a room that already exists; like adding space off the Master bedroom for a Jacuzzi. That little hunting cabin you have always wanted could be built in no time. Or how about a room addition in the form of a garage, sun-room, or a porch out back to watch your garden grow? 

Fireplace Room

Greenhouses, patios, or bath house for the pool, the possibilities are endless when it comes to room additions. We can put feet to your ideas if you give us a call at 540-263-0479 for a FREE ESTIMATE.

Porch Addition 

Leonard Lucas Contracting has been a gift from God to us.  We moved down to Virginia 5 years ago.  He stopped by to see if we needed anything because he had been in charge of taking care of the house for the previous owners.  He has replaced our roof, did some siding, installed windows and put on a front porch.  He was always on time and did a great job.  He is a man of his word and a godly man.  We are blessed to have him as a contractor and a friend. 

Roger and Winnie Bouches

Screen Porch Addition













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