Contractor Consulting Services

Leonard Lucas Contracting offers professional help and contractor consulting in order for you to do YOUR OWN home repair or construction.

 Would you prefer to do your own work, but do not feel sure you have the skills or the knowledge required to accomplish your project?

 Would you like to hire a professional by the hour, rather than having them do an entire job?

 Could you use consultation on various stages of your remodel or on how to keep things in line with current building codes?

 Do you need some help with demolition and/or disposal?

 Do you have a young person who would like to learn the construction business? If you would like instruction for apprentice-minded youths (especially home schoolers) consulting may be perfect for your family.

 If you can think of any home remodeling, or construction type work where you could use friendly and professional help, Leonard offers consulting and/or tutoring that will help you get the job done. Call for a FREE estimate at 540-263-0479.

Leonard Lucas 


"I used to own a building firm. After finishing my biggest home, I learned that much of the work had been done wrong.  In desperation, I called Leonard Lucas Contracting. Leonard went in and diagnosed all of the problems quickly, and put together an action plan. Though he had to work around the new owners... who had already moved in... he exceeded our expectations in every way.  Leonard took a terrible situation and made it a lot better!"

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